Digital Signage Date and Time Apps

  • Go to the Management Console.
  • Click on the playlist then the layer where you will add Date and Time App.
  • If the layer has no media, the apps dialog will open. Otherwise, click on Add New
  • Click on Date and time apps.
  • Click on one of the date time presets

Date and Time (24Hrs), Date and Time, Digital Clock (24Hrs), Digital Clock

  • Start typing the location you want to display date and time for.
  • Click on the desired location from the list. The date and time that you will display will be the local date and time at the chosen location
  • Click Save
  • What you see is preview of that date and time app. The real date and time will be available on the screen after publishing
  • To change the location, click on Edit and type in a new location

CountDown App

  • Type in the countdown text
  • Type in the countdown message at the end of the countdown
  • Pick the date and time of the end of the countdown
  • Check Show weeks when applicable to show weeks in your countdown, if not checked the countdown will be in days, hours, minutes and seconds
  • Type in the location of the countdown to adjust your countdown to a certain timezone date and time