Digital Signage Google Slides App

  • Go to Google Slides and open the slideshow you want to show.

  • Click on File.

  • Click on Share.

  • Click on Publish to web.

  • Check Start slideshow as soon as the player loads to make the slideshow start automatically.

  • Check Restart the slideshow after the last slide to make sure the slideshow loops when it ends.

  • Click on Publish, then on OK to confirm.

  • Copy the generated link.

  • Go to the Management Console.

  • Click on the layer where you will add the Document.

  • If the layer has no media, the apps dialog will open. Otherwise, click on Add New

  • Click on Google Apps.

  • Then click on Google Slides.

  • Paste the link you just copied.

  • Click on Save.


Auto Update


Published Google Slides do not receive automatic updates. If you want your changes to be refrect on screens, you need to enable the auto-refresh function for your Google Slide. This will reload your slide every 30 minutes and ensure that your slide is up to date.


Digital Signage Google Slide Auto Update