Digital Signage Dashboard

After a successful login to the management console, the system redirects you to the dashboard. The dashboard has 3 main rows.

1- System Statistics

  On the first row, we have the system statistics.

  • The statistics include online screens, offline screens, the storage usage for this account, and the licences available for this account.

Dashboard Statistics

Add licences from the dashboard

  • To add licences direcly from the dashboard, click on Add Licences button.

2- Screens and Playlists


On the second row we have 3 sections: The first is for screens, the second and the third section is for horizontal and vertical playlists.

Dashboard Screens Playlists


  • Because you didn’t add any screens yet, a link to the player application and to play store are provided.
  • Check the support guide in the last row to learn how to download and install the application on your screen.
  • Once you do, click on Add Screen. This will open the dialog where you enter the code you see on the screen.
  • Get the code from the screen and enter it.
  • Enter the screen name and location then click on Add screen.

Add Screen

  • Now go back to the dashboard.
  • You can see the screen we just added.

Add Screen 2

  • Click on screen’s location to check its location on the map.
  • Below the screens section, you can check Screens’ Status History on this bar chart.

Screen Status

  • To do more actions, you can also click on screen from this list. It will open the screens page.


  • In the playlists section, You can see your horizontal and vertical playlists here.
  • You can add playlists by clicking on Add Playlist.
  • Default playlists and playlists you create will be listed here.
  • To open a playlist click on it. It will open the playlist where you can start adding content.

Dashboard Playlist

3- Support Guide


And on the last row, we have the support guide available if you require any help using the system.