Download and install Easysignage APK

Step 1 - Download the APK

On the screen

  • Open a browser on the screen and navigate to
  • Press on Download APK
  • Go to Downloads and find the apk or Press on the downloaded apk dialog that appears after download end to Install

From a Computer

Step 2 - Enable Unknown Sources (skip if not blocked)

  • If this dialog appears, press on Settings to open Settings - Security

Install Blocked

  • Under Settings - Security - Device Administration, enable Unknown Sources and Press OK

Unkown Sources

Step 3 - Install

  • If the app was blocked try to install again
  • Press on Install to start Installing


  • Wait while the application is being installed


Step 4: Open the Application

  • After the app is installed, Press on Open


Step 5: Display Hash

  • Wait for a few seconds, the hash will appear
  • You can now add your screen from the management console


Step 6: Enable Root (optional)

Some screens allow you to enable root. Easysignage benefits from rooted devices to provide the following features:

  • Automatic Software Update
  • Power Management
  • Remote Reboot

To enable root:


  • Go to Settings


  • Go to X2 Settings or AM6 Settings for AM6 Pro


  • Select Root


  • Select Install Root


  • If Root is enabled on Android, the Hashtag icon should appear in the top right corner of the screen, indicating that your device is rooted.