Install Easysignage on Vestel Digital Signage

This Guide is only intended for Android-based Vestel digital signage screens.


Step 1: Get the APK file


  • Download the latest APK from

  • Copy it to a USB disk.

  • Plug the USB disk into the TV, locate the USB port on your Vestel TV depending on your model.

  • Press the power button to turn on the TV.


Step 2: Vestel TV Setup Wizard

  • When the TV boots for the first time, using the remote control or using a keyboard, choose your preferred language.




  • Choose your Country, or Other.




  • Choose Skip Pin.




  • Choose your preferred Orientation, then Next.


Signage Settings


  • Keep Auto Launch Disabled for now.


Auto Launch


  • Set Power Mode to Reactive, this is an important step if Power Management is needed.


Operation Mode


  • Choose Network Type (Wired or Wireless).




  • If You choose wireless, setup your wifi settings,
  • Set Networked Standby Mode to On, then Next.
  • For Manufacturer Usage and Diagnostics, Click Accept or Skip.




Step 3: Install from USB

  • After the setup wizard, in the menu, navigate to and press on Applications.




  • Choose AppInstaller


App Installer


  • Choose your USB device.




  • Choose Easysignage file




  • Press on Install




  • Press on Open




Step 4: Power Up Settings

  • Press on Menu from the remote control


Power Up Menu


  • Choose Power Up Settings

  • Make sure Power Mode is set to Reactive

  • Choose Auto Launch


Auto Launch


  • Choose Select Application, then Easysignage


Power up easysignage


Step 5: Display Hash


  • Open Easysignage application

  • Wait for a few seconds until the hash screen appears

  • Use the displayed hash to register the display on