Install Player on Philips Digital Signage


Step 1: Get the APK file


  • Go to and download the Easysignage apk

  • Copy it to a USB disk

  • Plug the USB disk to the TV

  • Press on the power button to turn on the TV


Step 2: Language


  • Choose the desired language using the remote control navigation keys

  • Press Start



Step 3: Network Settings


  • Choose DHCP in Connection Type

  • Press Next

Network Settings


Step 4: Signage Display Settings


  • Press Skip

Display Settings


Step 5: Clone Media files into internal


  • Press Skip



Step 6: Setup Complete


  • Press Finish



Step 7: Exit Setup Menu


  • Press HOME then 1888 to open settings page

Exit Setup


Step 8: Apps


  • Choose Apps and Press OK



Step 9: File Manager


  • Choose File Manager and Press OK



Step 10: mnt


  • Choose mnt folder and Press OK

  • Press on Open



Step 11: usb_storage


  • Choose usb_storage folder and Press OK

  • Press on Open

Usb Storage


Step 12: easysignage.apk


  • Choose easysignage.apk and Press OK

  • Press on Open



Step 13: Install easysignage.apk


  • Press on Install

Install easysignage

  • Wait while the apk is installing

Install easysignage

  • The apk is installed, Press on Done

Install easysignage


Step 14: Open Settings Page


  • Press back button to go back to apps page
  • In the apps menu, Press on Settings

Open Settings


Step 15: Signage Display: Source Settings


  • Navigate to Signage Display
  • Under SOURCE SETTINGS, Press on Custom App

Source Settings

  • Press on Select App

Source Settings

  • Choose Easy Signage and Press Save

Source Settings


Step 16: Home App


  • Turn OFF the TV then ON

  • This menu should appear

  • Choose Easy Signage as Home App

  • Press on Always

Source Settings


Step 17: Display Hash


  • Wait for a few seconds until this screen appears

  • Use the displayed hash to register the display on

Source Settings