SSO OneLogin

OneLogin integration is done using OpenID Connect. To add the digital signage app to your organization catalog, follow the below steps:

1. Create Custom Connector

Navigate to “Custom Connectors” as per the below screenshot

Custom Connectors

  • Create a new connector

  • Fill up the connector name

  • Upload the logos. This logo will be displayed in your app catalog.

  • Choose OpenID Connect

  • Your system administrator will share 3 URLs as below:

    • Redirect URI
    • Post logout redirect URI
    • Login URL
  • Choose RS256 as a signing Algorithm

Custom Connectors

2. Add the app to your company catalog

  • After saving the customer connector, click add “Add App to Connector” to add the App to your catalog

Custom Connectors

  • This will add the app to your company catalog, fill up the needed details and click save.

Custom Connectors

  • To finish the configuration, you will need to send the Client ID and the Issuer URL to the system administrator to set them app from the digital signage apps side.
  • You can find the Client ID and the Issuer URL under the SSO tab.

Custom Connectors