3.07 - Control media playback by tags

Using tags you can limit media that belong to the same playlist to play on specific screens only as in the below example.

Playlist 1 has multiple media with multiple tags, and is published to 3 screens where Screen 1 has the tag “office1”, screen 2 has the tag “office 2” and screen 3 without tags

Each screen will play all media that have matching tags or media without tags as below diagram:

Digital Signage Media Tags

To set up media and screen tags follow the below steps

  1. Open playlist media settings (open a playlist > choose layer > click edit on a media)

    edit digital signage media tags

  2. Add one or more tags

  3. Enable “Tags playback restriction”

    Digital Signage Media Tags

  4. Go to the screens page and open screen tags ( screens > click on orange cog > Tags )

  5. Enter one or more tags. Media with matching tags will be displayed on this screen.

    Digital Signage Screen Tags

  6. Click “Publish” Media with matching tags will be sent to the screen