3.6 - Sync your playlist playback

Sync players’ playlists content playback has never been easier. it works if your players are in one location sharing one local network (wifi/wired) or if they are in different locations with a 3G/4G internet connection.

Playlist Settings Open

Synced playlist: Check this box if you want all your screens to play the same media at the same time. If the playlist has multiple layers, only the last layer (last from top to base) will be synced. This feature is for syncing a background layer between multiple screens.

Local Sync vs Internet Sync

Local Sync: (enabled by default) Screens will use the local network (wired or wireless) to sync playlist playback, including video walls.

The player will be communicating over UDP multicast, so make sure your network supports multicast.

To use local sync, make sure your “Local Sync” is enabled (Settings > Screens’ Settings).

Internet Sync: Screens will use the internet to communicate with each other to sync content.

Only use this option if your screens are not connected to the same local network, for example, if your players are in different locations. Or they are connected to the cloud using a 3G or 4G Internet connection.

As the screens are communicating using the internet, they might not be 100% in sync; the delay time depends on the internet speed. In most cases, the delay will be less than 0.3 seconds.

To use Internet sync, make sure your “Local Sync” is disabled (Settings > Screens’ Settings).

Screen Settings