Registration and Login

  • Open your browser and go to the management console.



There are 2 methods to create an account, the first one is faster and easier.  

Method 1:

Logging in will be done using one of user’s existing accounts:

  • Google which includes Gmail and Gsuite accounts,
  • Microsoft which includes Hotmail, Skype and Outlook accounts,
  • and Facebook



Method 2:

The second one is the manual one which will require additional steps.


Follow the below steps for manual loggin.

  • Fill up the form with your email and password.
  • Confirm your password
  • Click on Sign Up.
  • We will send an email with a verification code
  • Copy the code from your email. If it’s not there check your spam folder.
  • Come back to the page below and enter the code you copied.


  • After the verification you will be automatically signed in to the system

Login with exisiting account

  • If you already have an account and you want to sign in, click on Login as shown below.


  • Enter your email and Password
  • Click on Login
  • If you forgot your password click on Forgot Password?