8.3- Power Management

Power Management is used to turn screens on and off. Turning screens off at idle times saves power.

A power management schedule can help setup on and off times.

Settings Button

  • Open the management Console and navigate to screens page
  • Click on the settings button of your screen
  • Click on Power Management

Power Management

  • You can see the screen status: Screen is ON in green
  • To turn it off, click on Turn Screen OFF

Screen OFF

  • Open the dialog again, your screen status will change to Screen is off in red
  • To turn it on Again, click on Turn Screen ON

Enable power management

Check the Enable power management check box to setup your power management plan.

Power Management

A plan can be setup for everyday of the week

Manual Operation: on this day, the screen can turned on and off manually by clicking on the Turn Screen OFF button

Always ON: on this day, the screen is ON all the day

Always OFF: on this day, the screen is OFF all the day



  • Set up Turn off and on times on this day
  • Click on Add Schedule to add more schedule intervals
  • You can add up to 3 schedule intervals