Video Wall

Network Recommendation: connect your screens to the same wired network, wifi might not perform as expected.

Video Wall provides a simple solution to build a video wall using digital signage screens.

There are 5 main steps to creating a video wall.

Step 1: Create a Video Wall Playlist


  • Open the management console
  • Go to the Playlists page
  • Click on Video Wall Tab
  • Click on Add Video Wall

Add VideoWall

  • Type in the video wall playlist name
  • Choose the video wall screens orientation
  • Choose the Team that has restricted access to this playlist
  • Choose the size of the video wall: a 2x1 video wall means that there are 2 screens horizontally by 1 row. The playlist we are creating can be used with this size of video walls only
  • Click on Add
  • The Apps dialogue will open,
  • Only images, videos and PDF files can be added to a video wall playlist

VideoWall Apps

  • Click on Upload Media, or on other apps if you want to get your content from other sources
  • Click on My Device
  • Choose the images and videos to upload. Make sure your content is designed to fit the video wall size you create
  • Wait for the media to be processed and divided into the video wall zones

VideoWall Content

  • The image we see is divided into zones 1-1 which will play on screen 1 and 2-1 which will play on screen 2

Step 2: Add Screens

Assign Screen

  • Install the player app on your screens
  • Add the screens to the management console using the Hash ID. For more info check Screens
  • For a 2x1 video wall, 2 screens are needed

Step 3: Create a Video Wall

Create VideoWall

  • Go to Screens Page
  • Click on the Video Wall tab
  • Click on Add Video Wall

Create VideoWall Dialog

  • Type in the video wall name
  • Choose the orientation
  • Choose the Teams that have restricted access to this videowall
  • Choose the video wall size, for our example we will choose 2x1, which we already created a 2x1 video wall playlist and uploaded the content
  • Click on Add

Step 4: Assign Screens

After the video wall creation, the below page will open

Assign Screen

  • In Zone 1-1, Click on Assign a Screen

Assign Screen 1

  • Click on screen1 to assign it to the zone 1-1
  • In Zone 2-1, click on Assign a Screen
  • Click on screen2 to assign it to zone 2-1

Assigned VideoWall

  • Screens are assigned as shown in the picture
  • Click on Back

Step 5: Set Media Source

    Set media source

  • Click on Set Media Source

Choose Playlist

  • Click on the playlist we created in Step 1
  • To go back to the screen setup page, click on SETUP SCREENS
  • Click on Publish
  • Your videowall will download and play on your screens